All in all, we’re pretty sure that the only reason aliens haven’t attacked Earth yet is because they know they would eventually have to deal with the Cape buffalo
But this thing commanded I them, saying, Obey My voice, and I will be your God, and you shall be my people: and walk you in all the ways that I have commanded you, that it may be well to you
Jeremiah 7:23

The intro for Buried Alive

Random photos from the concert, they’re all blurred. Enjoy anyways, which I reckon you won’t. 

This is my story

It starts with a quite Tuesday. Nothing significant is about to happen, just gonna be a day with many hours of repeated tv series, youtoube-ing and mundane yet compulsory routine facebook’s visit. I thought, “imma just adhere bruno mars’s preach in his infamous lazy song. That sounds like a good plan”. Close to 7 pm, I was about to get ready to sort out what episodes of HIMYM that i wanna watch, for the many times. When all of a sudden my phone rang *the imperial march on the background* my friend called me, “yoooooooo where the hell are you? I’m already at the gate. The show about to start” “Wtf? What gate now? What show?”……..let’s rewind a bit. Couple of months ago, Avenged Sevenfold, in return for not showing up on the 2011 Soundwave Festival, set up a date for a solo concert in Australia, part of Welcome to the Family tour. I said, FUCK YEAH. Bought the ticket from this friend of mine. Saw the date on the e-ticket which is 02-08-2011. Thanks to my mild dyslexia, my brain record it as 20-08-2011. Long story short, I’m screwed! duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. So back to the story line….”Avenged Sevenfold you dumbass!!”, my friend said. Big WTF indeed!! I screamed and ran across the house looking for a printer, to print the ticket of course, from one of my housemate. At one point I didn’t know what to do. FYI, i live 40k from the venue, which mean it takes approximately 1 hour 30 minute to reach there and the show starts at 7.30. So you can see now how screwed I was. Upon realising this, I felt like some fat lady out of nowhere came to bitch-slapped me in the face really hard. While at the same time exhilaration filled me up. Claiming to be a big fan of Sevenfold, missing the show is beyond contemptible. I’ll probably just go all My Chemical Romance for a week!! But screw that, whatever it takes IMMA WATCH MY NUMERO UNO BAND!!! AGAIN!!! \m/ without a shower, it’s been two days hahahaha, I ran to the train station and hope that delay will take place. and thanks God when I arrived there, the opening act, some random-emo-vein-slitting-band, just about to finish. Good riddance, don’t need to listen to them anyway..I was there for the mighty Sevenfold. 

And finally ladies, after 30 minutes of standing admiring the two deathbats on the stage, soundcheck, random old guy sauntering around the stage..the room turned dark and the iconic D note from the pre-recorded xylophone filled the stinky room and. YEAAAAAHHHH…NOW YOUR NIGHTMARE COMES TO LIFE!!!

If my memory serve, below was the songs for the night:

1. Nightmare 

2. Critical Acclaim

3. Welcome To The Family

4. Almost Easy

5. Buried Alive

6. So Far Away

7. Afterlife

8. A Little Piece of Heaven (the point where Syn gave those miserable people, us, the finger for almost the entire song LOL). 

9. Bat Country

10. Unholy Confession + Crossroads

11. Save Me (Encore)

Unfortunately no Beast and the Harlot for the night, was looking forward for that. The highlight of the night was Syn’s solo and everything, was perfect and that whammy-bar utilisation *i don’t know that method’s name, was if they recruit a girl to scream at every songs. 

Anyways, can’t put photos next post will be blurred photos that I took during the concert. And some videos too. Check it, won’t hurt.

he’ll do it

he’ll do it


In a lazy afternoon, when flies and insects don’t even bother to screw around filthy surfaces, this fat dude was smoking a marlboro cigarette while holding a cracked red coffee mug, doughnuts scattered on a wooden table next to his lazy chair. the aforementioned wisdom hit him, and off he went to discover something that ever baffles him..are we alone in this universe! and thus the story begin…

Courtesy of Tool. Rosetta Stoned from the epic, epic 10,000 Days

not even trying is the biggest avoidance of all
pretentious bastard

often we are being exposed to asinine stuffs. but somehow we found these stuffs to be a vital part of our life. take for instance, the act of updating what you do everyday in twitter (e.g. OMG i slit my fingers while shredding my superawesome-homemade meatballs, blood everywhere LOL). there are no sense of keeping one’s privacy anymore. FML -someone that say FML should be kick in the crotch!!

our mind is being controlled and ostracized to the act of bragging about our mundane everyday life while they, “up there”, doing something horrid right now. could this be a conspiracy? i feel like i’m starring in a movie right now. about a small man that think a lot and try to put those thoughts into a digital medium. and who knows? probably someday he’ll change the world by meeting someone dressed in pink with yellow polcadots holding a needle. wtf

so imma educate you with some words of wisdom, no i’m not! just enjoy your life. do the best you can. there are obscure powers in play. best you can do is just forget about it, move on with your life, do what you feel good. 

it’s all random, as this post is!